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Hello and welcome,

Inside these pages, you will find a Poet, Author, Voice Talent, Photographer, and Deeply Creative Soul.

I've been told that I "paint pictures with my words", have a "very persuasive personality", and possess "the designer's eye". I'll let you decide for yourself if those things are true.

You'll find me very passionate about improving not only my life, but the lives of those around me as well.

I believe in striving to make each day more positive and rewarding than the last.

So I invite you to dig in deep, and explore this site fully. You will find lots of stimulating sights, sounds, and feelings - some of which I'm sure you can enjoy, and quite possibly even relate to.

I also believe in love, and to be open to love is to be vulnerable. Breaking down walls and barriers allows a connection on a very deep level. This creates a shared experience that bonds people more closely, and that makes a better world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever really does.

My hope is that the experiences we share here will enrich your life and help you look at things in a different way than maybe you did yesterday. And if you're willing to allow the healing power of love to enter your heart, don't hesitate to pick up a copy of my book of poetry called, "My Gift of Love".

It's available below for your reading pleasure.

Live to Love, and Love to Live!

Debra K. Lee (SapphirePoet)




My first book of poetry, called "My Gift of Love", grew out of a poem I wrote 17 years ago by the same name. The first few lines were given to me in a dream.

Then when I got up and started writing, the rest of the poem flowed out through me perfectly, with no edits necessary. In other words, it was born perfect. Such are the gifts from God, and such is my gift to you.

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"My Gift of Love"
16 Evocative Poems by Debra K. Lee

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"Debra's ability to put words to our deepest emotions is unquestionably a gift
of the Spirit to each of us. She has allowed her years of life experience, much
of it challenging, to mold her into a finely tuned instrument of the Divine
Encouragement. She makes her thoughts our Thoughts, her feelings our
Feelings, her joy our Joy."

- Lance T. Walker, Senior Editor, SkyVault Multimedia Publishing



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